On My Knees

“Now in the morning, having risen a long while before daylight, He went out and departed to a solitary place; and there he prayed” (Mark 1:35)

Every time Jesus faced an important decision, he prayed. Every time He was faced with temptation, he prayed. When he had to choose His disciples, he prayed.

It is clear Jesus knew the importance of finding a quiet place so he could hear His Father’s voice. Everything he did was intended to be a living example for us to follow and apply to our lives.

When’s the last time you rose before dawn to listen to God?

When’s the last time you turned off all your gadgets and went to a solitary place to pray?

I mean really pray. Until you hear God’s voice. Speak to you. About your life. Your assignment. For His glory.

Gulp.  Is God convicting you like He is me?

Sometimes I wonder how different my life would be if I too valued quiet solitude with God as much as Jesus did. How much of the worry, anxiety, confusion, fear and doubt would be eliminated in my life if I would just learn to quit hitting the ‘snooze’ button on my alarm and get my darn self out of bed to get in a little more God time each day? I am not talking about the routine devotional and quick prayer before I rush out the door. I am talking about ‘rise before daylight’ kind of prayer that Jesus practiced. It wasn’t necessarily easy or convenient. I imagine he may have even been tired and cranky sometimes. But I am convinced that it was his time in this quiet place that set the entire agenda for his life on earth. It was his diligence and desire for depth with God; his seeking and soaking in His Father’s presence alone in prayer each day that propelled Jesus to operate with a level of clarity of purpose and power unlike anything seen before. 

Prayer did the trick.

I am thankful God is pulling me out of my prayerful slumber and reminding me of the absolute importance of spending time alone with Him in prayer. This year, instead of writing out a long list of all the things I hope to accomplish/achieve in 2011, I  am heeding His gentle whisper inviting me to, “Come…”

That’s it. Papa just wants me to come. To make the time to sit as His throne of grace each day and get to know Him more. His heart. His plans. His power. His purposes. His His His. Not mine mine mine.

It’s not to say I don’t have hopes, dreams, goals,  and aspirations of my own. I do. More books…more speaking…publisher…agent… husband… provision…all of these things are still there. But all those things look dull in comparison to going deeper , in prayer, with the lover and creator of my soul.

So down I go… on my knees.

How’s your prayer life?






3 Comments on “On My Knees

  1. Ali, this is so true. Years ago I committed to this “before dawn” time with him and I can tell you, though the rousting from sleep was hard at the beginning, I now often glance at the clock through the night in anticipation to see if it’s time to “come” sit with him yet.
    Good word,
    Terry M

  2. Uh oh… Did you hear that?
    I think that was the sound of God using your words to knock on my heart (since my mind is too busy going a million miles a minute with everything else in the world) to tell me something. I’ve been thinking so much about reflection and prayer time and how my prayer life is going and how to change it this week. This is seriously the ZILLIONTH thing about prayer I’ve been exposed to in the past 5 days. I think that’s saying something.
    Thanks for this post, it is such a blessing to me.
    I suppose I should set my alarm now…

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