DID YOU KNOW? God Wants to Help.

Read: Joshua 1:1-9

“For I am the Lord Your God, who takes you by the right hand and says to you, ‘Do not fear, I will help you.'” (Isaiah 41:13)

Do you ever feel overwhelmed…with life?  Like you have dreams.  But you have no idea how they will ever become realities. Or how about the pressing desires in your heart?  You wonder how they will ever come to pass.  Friendships too are there to maintain.  But you have no idea how you’ll ever be able to keep in touch across oceans and times zones and seasons of life.  Responsibilities are endless.  But there just don’t seem to be enough hours in a day to get everything done.

You’re not alone. Each day we are bombarded with an army of questions, worries, concerns and decisions commanding our time and attention. We try our hardest to stay sane, to keep up and keep ‘balanced’ but we often fail, telling ourselves we only need to try harder.

It wasn’t until I was watching my little nephew learning to walk, that my perspective changed. He was struggling as he tried to go at it all on his own. Then, he suddenly noticed his mother’s hand that was there all along to help. He grabbed a hold of it and it became his source of strength as he shuffled across the room.

Just like my nephew, I was trying to go at life on my own, only to stumble and fall in defeat. It was time for me to recognize God’s help that was there all along. He was saying, “Just come, take My hand, and let Me help you.”

God is there to help you too. Through it all.  Everything.  Big or small. His outstretched hand is there. The question is: Will you grab on?

Dear Lord, thank You that You are a God that wants to help me.  Not just in emergencies or times of crisis, but in the ordinary workings and relationships of my daily life.  Forgive me Father, for not turning to You sooner. Help me to let You help me.  In Jesus name, amen.

*Take-away Treasure: How will you let God help you today?


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