Are You Hearing God’s Voice? Five Ways You Can Hear God Speak Directly to You

Without fail, every time I speak to a group or at an event, at least one person will come up to me after the talk and ask me this: “How can I hear God’s voice?”

Such a good question. And one I have asked before on my spiritual journey. I’ll never forget a time I was living in Manila, Philippines–after re-committing my life to Christ–when I was sitting with a group of friends and one of them said, “God told me to go up to my friend in church and give him some money.” I sat there dumbfounded, thinking to myself, What does he mean God ‘told’ him? I was too embarrassed to ask him for clarification right then, but I went home that night with my mind racing with questions: Was it possible to hear God? Why hasn’t God ever talked to me like that?

I realize now that God was speaking all along. The problem was, I didn’t know how to listen. We often assume God ‘speaking’ means hearing an audible voice thundering down from heaven in a boisterous, “Thus sayeth the Lord!” kind of way. Though I do know a few people who claim to have heard God audibly, He usually speaks through other ‘modes’ of communication. Just like learning a new language, when one has to train their ear to hear certain sounds and syllables of the foreign words, so it is with hearing God’s voice. We have to train ourselves to know and discern the distinct sounds and syllables of God’s voice in order to hear Him clearly.

Do you believe God speaks? Are you hearing God’s voice on a regular basis? If so, that’s awesome. If not, it’s okay, it’s never ever to late to learn!

Today, I will share five of the most common modes of communication through which God speaks, along with a clear example from my own life or someone elses. Tomorrow, I will offer five practical tips to help you get started hearing God’s voice in your own life. Are you ready? Here we go…

Five Ways God Speaks:

#1 Through the Bible. The Bible is the Word of God. Everything in it, though written by humans, is inspired by Him in some way (2 Timothy 3:16). We are instructed, “man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of the LORD” (Deuteronomy 8:3). If we rely on God’s Word in this way, and believe the words we read are directly from God’s mouth, we will hear Him speaking directly to us through it.

Example: Several months ago, I was praying and asking God whether He wanted me to move back to the U.S. or stay in Asia and work. That same week, my Bible study class was studying the Book of Mark. As we read the passages together as a group, the following verse leapt from the page: “Go home to your people and report to them what great things the Lord has done for you, and how He had mercy on you” (Mark 5:19). Since I had been praying so specifically, asking God for signs leading me in which direction to go, I immediately knew God was speaking to me through this verse about going back to the U.S. When we least expect it, God voice invades our world and guides us according to His will.

#2 Through the ‘Still Small Voice’. When we accept Christ into our hearts as Lord and Savior of our lives, we are immediately given a gift from God in the form of the Holy Spirit. While Jesus was still living among the disciples, He told them, “…when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come“ (John 16:13). Indeed, the Spirit of the Lord that resides within us, will tell us. The question is, are we listening?

Example: One time I was racing home to have a skype date with my sister. I was living overseas at the time so I really looked forward to these times connecting with my loved ones. As I rushed to make it home on time, I suddenly heard that still small voice of the Spirit say from within, “Think you could squeeze me in for a skype date?” Right then and there I sensed a deep longing from God to want to spend time with me as much as I wanted to connect with my sister. That was all I needed to start making time in my schedule to spend regular time with God.

#3 Through Other People. Have you ever been talking to someone and they suddenly say the exact thing you needed to hear? Or you’re sitting in church and the sermon tackles an exact struggle you have been facing? It is likely that God was speaking to you through other people–even without them even knowing it. God says he will use His people as ‘instruments for noble purposes’ (2 Timothy 2:21). These instruments may be in the form of people through books, podcasts, radio, TV programs, sermons or complete strangers on the street, but when it comes in it’s uncanny precision and accuracy, you know it when you hear it. Pretty cool right?

Example: A few years ago, the urge to write was growing stronger and stronger, but I didn’t know what to make of it. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with it. I even wondered if I had anything worthy to write about. Around that same time, I discovered a Writer’s Workshop online by a man named Francis Frangipane. I’ll never forget the words God spoke directly into my heart the moment I started listening to this unknown man, “You are called to write.” Something about the way he said it pierced the very depths of my soul. I took it as a direct Word from the Lord Himself. From that day on, I quit questioning, quit doubting and I began to step into the call God had over my life. God used another man I had never even met to speak words of life and encouragement to me in the very moment I was needing it most. How can we not be awestruck with wonder and gratitude every time this happens?

#4 Through Life Circumstances. Never take life’s circumstances at face value. No matter how bad or confusing or hopeless they may look, God often uses the ordinary to communicate His extraordinary love. Lose a job? Flight get delayed? Your product launch failed to get the results you hoped for? Don’t fret. Don’t necessarily blame God as the culprit either, but ask Him what He might be saying through it all. The Apostle Paul says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[a] have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28). We can be sure that God is at work through every circumstance in our lives, even when we don’t fully understand.

Example: When I was in my senior year in college, many of my friends were landing jobs in the large investment banks and consulting firms in New York City. I thought that was the route I too should pursue because that seemed the thing to do. But after several interviews, I still didn’t have any offers. While it was tempting to get discouraged and feel like a complete failure, I chose to trust God had something else in store. He did. A few weeks later, I found out about a job in the Philippines with a news broadcasting network. I could have never planned that in a million years, but it turned out to be the perfect fit. God had orchestrated the circumstances as a way of revealing His will for my life at that point. That is why we are instructed to live by faith and not by sight, for God is doing things in the Spirit even when we cannot see with our human eyes!

#5 Through Dreams and Visions. There are several points in Scripture where it says God will speak to us through visions and dreams (Joel 2:28, Acts 2:17, Daniel 7:1). Though there are skeptics who say this is not true in today’s Church, I have heard too many testimonies that suggest otherwise. 
Whether it is a full blown dream while you are sleeping, or a vivid image that comes to mind while praying, God does use visuals to speak to us and gives us the wisdom to interpret what He is saying.

Example: I had a friend who was sensing the call to missions in India but worried that she would never get married and have a family if she went. Then she had a dream where she saw herself sitting in the center of God’s palm and she saw a man sitting in the center of His other palm, who in the dream she knew represented her future husband. God brought them together, joined their hands and released them into their united calling together. She interpreted this dream as God giving her encouragement to stay in the center of His will by going to India, trusting that He would take care of the rest. She obeyed and went to India and did end up meeting her husband while she was there. God speaks through dreams!

These are just a few of the most common modes of communication God uses to speak to us, though there are others. The cool thing is that God knows what makes each and every one of us tick, right down to the core. And He will often communicate with us in the most unique and special ways, which He designed specifically for us to recognize. Isn’t that awesome?

Tomorrow, I will share a few tips to help condition and prepare our hearts to hear from God on a regular basis. Don’t miss it!

Until then, ponder these questions:

  1. What kind of reaction to I have to someone who says they ‘hear’ God speak to them? Do I have trouble believing God makes His voice known to us?
  2. Do I hear God’s voice on a regular basis? If so, what are some ways that have helped me hear? If not, pray and ask God what could be keeping you from hearing Him and ask for help.
  3. In what ways have I most often experienced God’s voice? Recall moments where God could have been speaking through the Bible, His still small voice, other people, circumstances, dreams, and/or other ways.

Feel free to comment and share stories of hearing God’s voice in your own life. Or ask any questions around this topic you are currently wrestling with. May we journey together and encourage each other along the way!


95 Comments on “Are You Hearing God’s Voice? Five Ways You Can Hear God Speak Directly to You

  1. Dear Ali,

    Thank you so much for sharing the message which God placed upon your heart to encourage the hearts of people who read your blog!

    I think it’s awesome how God speaks to us in a style that works best for where we are in life.

    Great job in supporting your opinions with Bible-based truth! Scripture is the best!

    I know that I struggle with taking time to be still and know that God is God (Psalm 46:10) and truly LISTEN for what He has to say and then not rationalize along the lines of “Well was that REALLY from GOD? Or was it just my thought?”

    My question for you is, how did you train yourself to hear God’s voice?

    • Hi Alexis,

      Thanks for your comment! I am glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂

      If you read the post on my blog today, there are a few tips there in how we can begin to ‘train’ ourselves to hear God, such as simply believing He can and does speak to us, being in and knowing the Word of God and being ready to obey what we do hear. The other thing that helped me and still does, is the saying “practice makes perfect.” We have to practice hearing AND acting on what we hear without fear that we are wrong. Eventually, you will begin to see fruits from those times and it can be a great encouragement that you are hearing God. There will also be times when you might discover what you heard wasn’t from God and that is okay. God sees our hearts to want to hear Him and please Him with our lives, so we can rust that He will meet us in our humanity and help us hear what he is saying.

      So keep practicing and you will learn to discern the voice of God in your life!

      Hope to hear from you again soon friend!



      • Love this and love your blog! Thanks so much 🙂 so encouraging for me right now. I’m 23 from New Zealand. God’s network is amazing 🙂 God Bless, Holly xx

    • Dear,
      God bless you so much for sharing this very wisdom of the Lord with us. The good news has really inspired me and enkindle my spirit. May God who knows your true heart grants you all the needed grace you need in serving him alone.

    • Amen! May you enjoy the journey of learning to hear Him more clearly each day!

      Thanks for stopping by,


      • Yes I know God sends messages in dreams. I am currently separated from my husband and am standing for the Lord to restore my marriage. One night in prayer I asked God to give me a message in my dreams and let me remember it. That night I had a brief dream…. I was looking at a blank white board and two words were then written on it. No hands, no pen, just like animation. The words? Marriage Reconciliation. And then I woke up. God was confirming that he indeed was going to restore my marriage. A few nights later I had another brief dream. I was walking and only saw my feet moving. The words “God’s energy is all around you, God’s energy is all around you, God’s energy is all around you” is what I heard and then I woke up to remember it. I also wake up with songs in my head. Songs I haven’t heard for decades. When I google the lyrics there usually is a message of encouragement in it. God is very creative.

  2. I thank God almigthy to have led me here and I ask for a grace and favor for the you to end it well in this journey to eternity. May God help us all (Amen). Pastor, This has been most common question for christians esp. the young convert in which am one of and your blog has realy helped me. May God in His infinite mercy continue to empower you IJN.

  3. i guess im not spending enough time with God because i KNOW im distracted, even as im typing this i have one million other thoughts going through my mind. I have a great book helping me though, it’s called Having A Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver, it has been so helpful. I need to learn how to relax and shut the world out while its me and God.

  4. Thank you for the wonderful sharing you really inspired me with the awesome word of God that comes from your mouth, it is great indeed that God do speak to us, if we can listen to Him by having quiet time, being alone in the spirit, meditating the word of God daily asking God to speak to us, doing what God want He will speak to us because He love us and He want us to hear Him so that His wish for us will be done on earth as the Children of God we are.
    Praying that God will give you more of his strengths and grace to go on, on this journey and to reach to expected end place Amen

    Thank you and God bless you

    Love you

  5. The one that resonates in me the most was number three: through other people. I don’t exactly know how to explain this, especially as it’s so late in writing this. I think I was meant to find all of this. Recently I had been experiencing the number 5:55 following me. Every time I check the clock, when I’m stuck in traffic coming home, when I look at certain important dates in my life, and finding my dream house. I realized throughout my life, it always has been, but most recently in the form of just one 5, or three – no more. I didn’t know where to look, or start looking, but I got the desire to start even more recently. When I did, I found the Prophet Isaiah. I looked a bit up on him, but I didn’t really feel a connection or anything struck a cord. I was listening to a few songs one day, and I got this feeling, urge I guess, to look again. When I did, I found this passage that keeps giving me chills.

    “Se, paa Folk, du ej kender, skal du kalde, til dig skal Folk, som ej kender dig, ile for HERREN din Guds Skyld, Israels Hellige, han gør dig herlig.”

    Which, more or less, is spoken in more languages, and more descriptions which I have also discovered.

    “Surely you will summon nations you know not, and nations that do not know you will hasten to you, because of the LORD your God, the Holy One of Israel, for he has endowed you with splendor.” and the next ones, were: “Behold, you shall call a nation that you know not, and nations that knew not you shall run unto you because of the LORD your God, and for the Holy One of Israel; for he has glorified you” repeated on various websites.

    I’m honestly so dumbfounded. I have never felt special, but growing up I always felt as if someone were speaking through me. I get what feels like chills, or goosebumps, and some days it almost brings me to tears; I have never felt so loved. And the other day I got the feeling of this, along with the feeling of someone lightly touching my head.

    Is God speaking through me? Am I glorified? If I am, what does that even mean? What is God’s intention for me?

  6. Ali,

    Thank you so much for this. I’m going alot of trying times in my life and reading this post uplifted my spirit. I try to hear from God everyday for direction. Sometimes I can hear Him and understand, but sometimes I just dont. I’ve been thru alot in my life and have been praying for change not only in myself, but my surroundings for a very long time now. I just hope and pray that God relieve me of these trying times soon.

    Thanks again!

  7. Hi there friends, how is everything, and what you wish for
    to say about this piece of writing, in my view its genuinely
    amazing for me.

  8. Thank you for that article on “Hearing God’s Voice”. It seems that is exactly where God is leading me to do. I’ve had dreams, a small still voice and other people tell me what I believe now to be from God, but I have to admit sometimes it’s seems incredible at the time what I hear and then it comes to pass. Pray that I will be still enough to hear and obey. God bless you.

  9. Dearest Ali . Thank God For Your Wonderful Blog On Hearing From God. More Of Your Blogs Please In Other Areas To Bless More People. I Love Your Presentation – Very Simple And The Biblical Truth -No Deviation. Thanks

  10. Dearest Ali . Thank God For Your Wonderful Blog On Hearing From God. More Of Your Blogs Please In Other Areas To Bless More People. I Love Your Presentation – Very Simple And The Biblical Truth -No Deviation. Thanks. Yours In Him, Rev Onimisi ad’

  11. Thanks for making hearing Gods voice so clear to me. I went for an interview last week and was so depressed coupler days but after reading a book yesterday all about prayer and having faith in God it made me realise its Gods way of talking to me and i just know He is gona come through for me, im trusting Him.

  12. Thanks so much for this information. I am seeking God’s guidance on a decision to move back home and in your blog, you stated that God speaks through his Word. Twice I remember that as I prayed specifically about moving back, that His Word read to Go Home…or Let every man return to his house. I wrote it down but was still struggling with the decision because so many people are against me going home and stating how “BAD” the crime is back home. Therefore, I begin to question did I really hear from God. That’s where I am now. I know God will protect me where ever I am and I’m still pondering about this decision I’m so angry with myself for not knowing what to do after such a long time. I remember hearing the Holy Spirit speak to me before in an audible voice. I mean it was CLEAR and each time I knelt to pray he would whisper this word to me. I kept looking around saying, who said that? In my spirit I knew what he was talking about and didn’t take ACTION and true enough, the very situation he was warning about turned completely sour in about two weeks and it hurt me a lot. That’s a lesson that if I ever hear that voice again, I will listen. The problem is that now I want to hear it and I can’t hear it again and have been praying to hear that voice again. My ears, eyes and heart is open now. I want to hear God because I know that if I hear Him I can’t go wrong in life.

    • When you hear that voice in your head and you know that it didn’t come from you, trust it. God spoke to me many years ago in that way, and I wasn’t even trying to seek his guidance. What he put in my heart was the opposite of what I thought about doing, but I was obedient. It took some time to bear fruit, but I was blessed beyond and above what limits I saw at the time. Hope this helps.

  13. I really thank God for your life. I also believe that as christians we must build a strong relationship with God, in so doing our spirit will always bear witness when the Lord speak to us.

  14. op Hi my name is Rebecca 🙂 I believe I was directed to your blog from god or one of the many saints. I really thank you for all that you have opened up your heart and soul to help others to understand the many blessing that come across our path of life. especially when we least expect it.I am going through the program RCIA I am learning so much and very excited to become closer with god. I was interested by this work shop with the name Francis fragipane .I always have wrote journal my whole life. Through all of my experiences and there are things I want to share with people struggling or unsure with there faith .I have so much to share with others.I am not really sure the best positive way to get the message out to them.Maybe you can give me some direction .I really enjoyed your blog, thank you very much 🙂

  15. Hi thanks for writing this blog, its very insightful. I have recently been wandering from god in the ways of hedonism and valuing work and family over god. I had a really wierd dream where five crows flew inglto my head whispering bible verses. the most striking one, honor thy mother and father. Is god telling me to seek help from my parents or was it just a wierd dream.i dont sleep well and feel tired almost all the time becausr i work so much and use caffiene and tobacco to get through the day.

  16. Thanks Ali for this article.i was one of those who did not have full conviction when God speaks to me.

    This research is worthwhile.

    God bless you


  17. May God bless you really good, this write up has been a great encouragement to me, I am blessed please keep up the good work for the glory of His kingdom

  18. Ali,
    Great Guidelines to use, thank-you. I have been a believer for 25 years and the learning never ends.
    I look back on our ( God’s and mine) journey and am still baffled! Many times I mistook my own wishes for Gods voice, misunderstood what He was attempting to show me, and frankly had some grandiose ideas I mistook for spiritual ones. One of my very favorite things about God is that He never gives up on me. The Spirit of God is patiently faithful even through our life season’s. I need that steady, kind, gracious overlooking of my fumbles. Sometimes, I think that it isn’t about hearing the exact message God is sharing, but our experience together. Human Beings are flawed, easily deluded by own impulses, but God is present to anchor us. What I always go back to, especially when I want something so badly that I know my temptation is to manipulate, is Trust. Do I trust God to know what is best for me?
    It is always exciting when God chooses to reveal something to me, but I cannot demand it, like I want to do. For me, the trust issue is the most important one. I haven’t always liked what Divine wisdom has chooses for me. That is the challenge about letting God lead. The view from Eternity and mine are vastly different. However, the intimacy gained in working through these daily things, is priceless. Once past the resentment of life not going the way I wanted, or even thought God promised, there is peace.

  19. I’m sure I heard God speaking to me. My fear is to take responsibility on my calling. Therefore I’m disobedient but I’m scared of loosing whaty I was blessed with according to scriptures in Luke 8:

  20. This blog was amazing! I especially loved reading your own personal experiences about how God revealed his purpose for your life to you. I have always been a Christian and loved God but was more following it as a religion/set of rules rather than a way of life or relationship with The Father. I recently got baptised (so excited about that) and now want more from my relationship with God like on a deep level. I also just got my A Level results and didnt get the grades i had hoped for so now im depressed about that. Now i am just so confused about my future and my life I have been praying that God reveals His purpose for me in my life and i really want to hear from Him because it feels like i have hit rock bottom. I have been praying and praying but still no answers. What should i do? x

  21. Hi im a true believer of god . I would have never believed that god actually speaks to you until he spoke to me when so many bad things where going on in my life I didn’t know what to do I was crying and a voice said everything is going to be alright and I stopped crying cause I new then I was going to be alright. A couple of weeks later found out I had a cancerous tumor but I trust in the lord and he brought me through I been cancer free for about 16yrs so god spoke to me and I put it in his hands.

  22. Thank u for the post, am very glad about it on the topic re u hearing God’s voice, God speak to me through dream, by loging on this page nd i also know many ways that God can speak to me, thanks nd God bless u.

  23. Thank you sooo much I take what god say to me thru you and I believe and take those words in my heart when god say to live by faith not for what we see I believe after the storm I’m going thru come the blessing and the devil only want me to lose focus and see the situation but thank god I heard his word not to panic let thing pass blessing are on it’s way. God bless you

  24. Hi. I loved this post!! I am just starting to see God speak through His word, other people, the same scripture/message multiple times within a short period of time, songs. I questioned and others have too if God uses music to speak to us. There are 2 songs that have special meanings for this season in my life and they always play at the right time…like a confirmation after I pray or something. I’m not sure, but I’ll take it! ha!
    My other struggle is how do you study God’s word, especially if you’re looking for Him to speak about a current trial/storm in your life? Do you just look up scriptures on that particular subject and meditate and memorize those? Some of the stories do not apply if I just open and read the Bible. I have lots of devotions,but I want more time in God’s word so He can speak to me.
    Also, how do you tell promises from scripture? Some tell me that’s a promise, or its not a promise. What counts as promises for marriage? What counts as promises for families? I see scripture on things like this, but I’m not sure they are actually promises, but truths??? Make sense? LOL

  25. I thank you for your wisdom input in making this burning question for me a little more clear. I’ve been in church for 47 years and still find myself asking this question. I am growing more each day to have a more REAL & relevant relationship with god.

    God Bless You!

  26. hi, Ali my name is jesse vasquez I lived in san diego for several years now and I am a believer in God I use to go to a church in san diego I wont name it but they betrade me in such a way where is made me question my faith it very hurt me I have a mental disorders called schizophrenia I dont know if you know what that means basically it mean I hear demonic voices I was not born with it you see I was in a car accident and it nearly took my life I was dead for several mins but what I saw was a man named Jesus I never knew who he was or was tought who he was or is but when I saw him for the first time such peace came over me I couldnt like process it in words soo beautiful the man standing infornt of me but he said that jesse you cant stay here there are others who need you, you must go back and tell them who sent you to make a long story short I told my chuch that I wanted to be healed from schizophrenia they the church look at me like if I was some kind of monster that it was a sin to be schizophrenia I cry the next day and left that church when you read this it will be another day but right now for me its sunday, december, 15 at 5:47 am I…I was about to loose faith in God when something in my head told me to google a question and the question is “does God hear me? how can I hear God when he talks to me?” it when I saw your post it made me cry cause I yell out to God crying saying God please, please talk to me I need to hear your voice and everyone in my friend’s house is asleep but my brother’s girlfriend came out of her room and said to me jesse I may not know what your going throu but dont give up your faith in God he hears you and wanted for you to talk and listen to his voice how…how did she even know I was up and not sleeping? she couldnt have heard me I cried some more when I read your post on how God uses people for him to talk to me thank you Ali without your post I dont know what I would have done truly thank you please pray for me to have a bigger faith in God my email is: please please I wanted a bigger faith in God I dont want to doubt any more…

    • Ali thought you covered off the subject really well i am learning to listen to his voice more in recent days it has made a huge difference to my spiritual walk.

    • Amen Jesse, God bless you. Your experience is somewhat similar to mine and I have cried several times at his mercies to speak to us through several ways. Its lovely and humbling experience. May God richly and continually bless you and the originator of this wonderful blog

  27. Dear Ali,
    WOW. I heard from God for the very first time last night and I was left speecheless until I was able to grasp it and connect it all together. At first, I really doubted and and I thought that it was all in my head and that it was my own thoughts. Then I waited and I thought hard and prayed hard about it, and then throughout the service it was almost like God was proving all of my doubts wrong through my pastor. It was just all starting to make sense to me and my eyes were suddenly open to the truth and it was so beautiful and amazing and overwhelming, etc. Then today at work I got bored, and kept thinking about what had happened to me last night because it was SO awesome, so I decided to google what it feels like and how you know it’s Him and then I came across this. So Am I wrong to feel like God purposely brought me to your blog? Like is this all in my head and coincidental or is this Him and His work? I guess my main question to you is, is this possible that it was ACTUALLY Him talking to or connecting with me or is this all my own thoughts?

    Thanks so much

  28. I greatly appreciate this sermon. Recently I had a problem with smoking. I had my faith in God, but still I would devote my life sadly to my next high. I’ve almost gotten caught many times and each time I told God that if he got me out of that situation with no damage done, that I would quit. But I still remained using. I finally got arrested for possession. While I was sitting in the police vehicle I could only think of how much of a blessing it was, because I have forsaken God for breaking my promises. I don’t believe that smoking was phycally messing my life up, but it made me hangout with bad people and do bad things. It was an eye opener. I believe I confused the officer because I was smiling in the back of his car, because it was the breaking point of my bad habit. It was a blessing that God spoke to me and told me that the way I was living, is not the way that he wanted me to. Now I am on my own spiritual journey, living by Gods will, and it is taking me places I would never believed I would ever reach.

  29. I rejoiced at heart by coming here to read. I sincerely miss His voice in my everyday life. It is not gone completely, but I had sadly lost focus on this part of my relationship with The Lord. He used to speak to me to comfort, encourage, guide and instruct me and/or others through me. How I could let this slowly fade away is beyond me, thus my joy from coming here to be reminded. I’m quite certain of What or Who led me to this page.

    What is lacking now, and which was present when there was frequent dialogue, is the time set aside to be still and listen. Coming here this late evening made me see this clearly, so take a good guess what I’m going to fit into my daily schedule again, starting this very evening.

    Let me leave you a snippet from The Book Of Revelation 2:7 (and several more verses):

    “Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says…”

    Regards and blessings,


  30. I just discovered this blog and agree wholeheartedly with everything!! I’ve found since I’ve increased my communication with God, I hear him clearly…and more frequently. It’s so comforting to know he is always there guiding my steps. His voice humbles me and provides so much peace. Thank you for sharing your experiences!!

  31. God is Alive!!!! I have just spoken to him and was puzzled because i have never had a conversation with him beforr…He told him I was “naive” and he laughed…lol i want to talk to him more

  32. I love this article–isn’t it wonderful how good God is at getting our attention? I’ve found God has plenty to teach me. I know if we’re observant and set ourselves up for learning, God will teach. I’m grateful for it.
    One of the members of my congregation wrote about her experience listening to God–here it is, if you’re interested.

  33. Dear Ali,

    I loved your post very much. Thank you for posting this! I believe God has spoken to me through his promises but was not sure. After reading your example, I am almost sure he has spoken to me through the promises. Are there any other ways to confirm this?

    Thanks a lot,

  34. Hi Ali,

    Thank you so much for these words. Even though I grew up going to church, I am still a babe in Christ. I started to take my journey with The Lord seriously the beginning of last year and have been struggling with listening and knowing if it is God speaking to me. I know this post is old but it is still relevant. I will continue to be still and listen and eventually there will be no doubt!!!!

  35. Dear Ali, my name is Michael. The name was given to me from the lord through the wind. Not only have I audibly heard the voice of God, but as you said, he knows what makes you tick. He told me at a time that I was his friend, and since then I often hear him as I drift to sleep or arise. I’ve also heard songs. The last was who I am pretty sure was Jesus, and he sang- I’m the only one that’s been living forever! (Instantly humbling me) and as I feared, his wonderful voice sung- and you and you are too. As i pondered how to conduct my thinking on this, he said-you’re just a (business name) we’ll see how it is when your dancing with my daughter in that manner. Now whether he had children is already up for debate. Surely he’s had plenty of time since his stay on earth to produce, and all believers are children of God,so I’ll let you go from there. But to conclude this bit, I left the house and went off with a cousin to catch a bus. Across the street I saw a business that isn’t yet opened, but the same business that he referred to me as. I applied. My heart goes out to those who who hear a warning from the lord! I pray that you take heed. I also want to validate the truthfulness in his word, in particular, when he announced: Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God! Call me crazy, but I had a dream in which I was instantly in the fear of God, gazing into a night sky, and a man( I’m believing to be the Lord since we are in his image) walked across the night sky. I’ll save the details of his description for others. Blessed be the name of the Lord for ever and ever! I look forward to seeing you all in the coming of the Lord!

  36. So many times, I hear a voice but I’m always feeling I’m the one speaking to if its my mind speaking to me

  37. I believe 100% God speak to me , in so many difference way, remember God live deeply in every human being soul.. the moment you taking a slowing step and people thinking you doing the greatest thing, not by your doing or power, i believe God speak by dream.

    Life is full of experience and wisdom, the moment you praying for wisdom you face a lot of challenge , i guess sometime we needed to lock our heart to our self. not everything your partner needed to know about you, because the moment they know everything you seem nothing to them,

    Life is so beautiful and hard. . the beautiful part is what human being praying for, which the harder time give you wisdom and knowledge..

    Life is just a dream, the moment you still alive, believe you ave so many Goal.. Praise God. because you still alive and you can still change

  38. Hi All,

    Would like to share how God started speaking to me and even once through me.

    A while back I had a break down, I was at a low point in my life and forced things to such an extend that something had to give. I was very aggressive and depressed, started putting my own life in dangerous situations due to no respect for myself.

    It ended where my mind decided it had enough and I went into “auto pilot” mode for a week with almost no memory of what happened in this week. I even went to work for two of these days. I found myself in a rehab center not even remembering why I agreed to be admitted (and I wasn’t abusing any substance). I was so scared and grabbed at my Bible. The first verse I red was Mathew 6:22 about how your eyes perceive the world effects your soul. Bang I was hooked!!!!!!!!

    He changed my life and I asked for more and more and God gave me more and more. In his own time off course. I got more answers than ever in my life and they came from so many different places.

    The best was when I went to one of my known places and I knew that someone would just love to beat me up but I trusted God and told him I will receive anything he feels fit to cross my path that knight and take it as my punishment for my history and not react with any anger. I was standing at the bar when a girl ordered something next to me. We made eye contact and I told her “that it wasn’t her fault and that she didn’t do anything wrong and God wanted her to know that”. I had a bigger expression of shock on my face than she did. Her eyes softened and I could see her mind racing with thoughts. She asked me what else do I know and I said that I don’t know anything not even why I had to tell her that. I remember having the greatest feeling of peace and love in me that I ever felt being the way I used to be. I wanted to hug her which I never did with anyone unless if it was sexual.

    We had great discussions for the rest of the night and we parted ways without even exchanging numbers.

    Well that is my personal experience and the feelings you feel can’t be fully expressed with words.

  39. To me GOD has spoken to you if you know without a shadow of a doubt that you spoke with GOD. It does not matter what others think as long as you know absolutely that it was GOD. Not many alive today can say that and certainly no written medium is without such a doubt including the bible.
    I cant find any reason why GOD would not talk to people in their own languages and without any doubts as who HE is.

  40. Thanks a lot.
    Interesting page. It is one of things that makes me in trouble but i thank God for this article.
    I still having some questions that, “how then to different between the voice of God, evil or my own mind/decisions,” or is devil not able to introduce his own idear after knowin somebody’s desire?

  41. I desperately look forward to walking & talking with my God, working wonders and manifesting His divine powers upon the elements of the Earth, for all His Creation and over all principalities & powers.

    Dear Lord, give me strength that I might find Abiding Faith & Peace of Mind, and I won’t ask “Where Do I Go From Here?” Amen!

    Jonas Ezeanya
    (Lagos, Nigeria)

  42. Hello,

    I am interested in speak directly with God. According to deep research I have found so many solution to talk with God directly. 2-3 hours meditation can help us to meet God. Our life is full of struggles and tensions. The only God name is true but we give our time to fake people and fake work instead of God.


  43. Hi,
    Thank you for posting this but I do have a few questions. I’ve been praying over the years an I ended up having a dream an I know its was god because last year this girl I didn’t even know told me that I shouldn’t be in new york because the person I’m meant for is in missouri . She told me I would be gone before December and at first I didn’t believe her but some things happen an I was back in Missouri. She also told me it was going to be a long road with him but I would get everything I want an more out of him. When she told me I was scared of her because we broke up when I moved to new york so I thought she was just trying to get to me. Until she told me things about us an now I’m all confused because things are going on with us again. The dream I had before this girl came along was he was standing in front of a house holding a baby which I already new it was ours an his kids was there next to him. So see I know god is real an he does speck to us but why am I doubting god because things aren’t going right the way I want them to? I even see that. Girl again an asked her about it an she had no clue what she even said to me. An yes at them time I was praying god would send me a sign an both times I got them. An every time I ask him for a sign now everything that girl told me come right back word for word.

  44. How do I differentiate God’s voice and my voice? I’m going through a relationship, and it seems like it’s over, but then I feel like it’s not over. I have 2 voices in my head, 2 opposite emotions

    • Gabby, I understand what you are saying. It’s not always easy to distinguish. Just remember God promises to lead you into all truth. Keep seeking him and seeking counsel from trusted individuals and in due time, I pray you have the clarity you are asking for!

  45. Hey There. I found your weblog the use of msn. That is an extremely
    well written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark
    it and return to read more of your helpful info. Thanks for the post.
    I’ll certainly return.

  46. Hi Ali,
    I really appreciate your writing this article. It is a question I find myself asking and wondering is He just not speaking to me. Thank for listing ways that He is I just need to listen. I was trying to find the next article but had no luck. What is the name of the next one with the five tips??

  47. This is what I’ve always asked myself, ” how can I hear God’s voice?” or Is it God speaking to me or just my mind?”. now that I read this I am convinced that it was and is God speaking to me. Thank you very much for this revelation.

  48. Thank you for publishing this. God has put me into people’s lives in the past where I have had to literally deliver a message directly from HIM. Though rare, it sends me spinning. I have to say, each time I have tried to run away, but I get pulled back into doing it, kicking and screaming. It is incredibly uncomfortable to have to let go of my “humanness” and “ego” and let God reign. And sometimes I have felt like a complete failure after delivering the message, bc I did not see any direct results. I am in this situation now, and I want to run. But God does not care that I am uncomfortable, only that I obey. Please say some prayers for me as I complete this next mission. I have to face the person I delivered the message to, and I am so scared of his reaction.

  49. I wish more people believed that God was speaking to them. I just put up a new site , and I would appreciate any counsel on the content etc.
    Thank You.
    ” Through being a Servant, We can walk into the Fullness of the Godhead, bodily ,
    within the FULLNESS of the GODHEAD ! Becoming this Wheel within a WHEEL ! ”
    Nuff Said ?
    Hear God’s Voice and Obey. So it will be well with YOU !

    God is speaking to Everyone and Everyone already heard what He said. It’s easy to prove.

  50. Basic Spiritual Warfare; Softly Sing Halleluyah , over and over until One has Peace of mind. Silence the negative voices and hear Father better. Once you have peace of mind, You have His attention and He has Yours. SNUGGLE !

    God inhabits our praises and will be there to meet with you. You don’t have to believe this. Just Do It ! God said, if you did, He would. God doesn’t lie. Crawl up into Daddy’s lap and snuggle. What trouble can come against you there?

  51. I read through all of the comments as well as the article (nicely written btw) and felt compelled to reply. I feel the need to impress the talent the evil one has at deceiving as well as solid ways to determine if it is God speaking. First, the devil is a master at deception. He can come off as an angel of light, meaning: peaceful,
    loving, caring. However, the message itself will have
    hidden motives such as
    greed, pride, lust etc trying
    to get the one receiving the
    message to act in these ways
    (usually unknowingly). He
    also uses scripture but subtly
    twists it. I highly
    recommend being grounded
    in scripture because it is
    easy to take pieces of it out
    of context. The evil one was
    also the head of the angelic
    choir so music is a favorite
    medium of his. God is less
    inclined to use music unless
    it is necessary but even then
    His communication through
    it is limited. God prefers
    communication through His
    Word, prayer, the still, small
    voice and sometimes
    dreams. You have to refer to
    scripture with these three
    because God NEVER contradicts Scripture. Also, the still, small voice is just that. You should have a quiet mind because the voice is small…powerful yes…but small. Still because there is no emotion, at least not strong, in the voice. The voice will tell you to do ONLY good things which does NOT include selfish ones. He will also tell you things that you could never have known for guiding others or Him protecting you (which can be validated if they are warnings and you
    do not listen or you speak to the one He wants you to speak with and their response validates it). I just felt the need to comment because it breaks my heart to see people lost and thinking God is talking with them (most of which are on here seem to be God but a couple sent up red flags. I hope those couple read this because like our Beloved Lord Jesus I want all to be saved.

    The Lord’s humble servant,

  52. Pingback: Can You Hear Him Now? - Along Life's Path

  53. Thank you for posting this Ali; although I have more detailed questions on the subject this post was really moving and a couple of things you wrote really resonated with my spirit. Without saying too much I have been battling with a question I have had for many years about hearing from God. There were some specific things that you wrote that seemed to jump out at me. Altogether this was eloquently written and touched base on many different ways that God uses to communicate to us. Thank you so much for this as it will be used as a tool in my search for wisdom and confirmation from our loving Saviour.

  54. Hi Ali, I’m Victor. It’s wonderful to hear that God speaks to the People. Only two things you said happened to me. God spoke to me through the Bible and through Life’s Circumstances and Situations. But What was that you said about the “Still small Voice” ??? Can God really Speak to us ordinary folks ??? I know God hears everybody’s Prayers . But are we that much Pure to hear God’s words Directly ???

  55. When I initially left a comment I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are
    added- checkbox and from now on every time a comment is added I receive 4 emails with the exact same comment.
    Perhaps there is a means you can remove me from that service?
    Thank you!

      • Thank you for informing me.

        Tomorrow is a huge day for deep reflection, since without history that comprises ALL personal and referenced remembrances for one and all, we’d all be starting over again as children like Adams and Eves (a clean slate). Throughout history with its causes and effects related to every event that occurred (major, moderate and minor), our ancestors for the most part especially pre-Industrial Revolution, instinctively followed the laws of nature without questioning this; of which certain events would carry on as cultural Traditions whether they be daily, or say annually. Some of these Traditions were (and still should be based on pure common sense) wrapped within the realm of Natural Law, and therefore, are as much a part of our obvious anatomical differences as they are the mind + heart that to me fuse together inside the anatomy to become Spirit. It seems that thoughts come first based on what we experience within the 5 senses, while we then have emotional responses to thoughts.

        Ali, I would have to read all of the comments above (of which there are many), and then share God/ Jesus experiences I recently had with an Evangelist lady whom I almost became engaged to last Valentine’s Day. The experiences may shed some light as to whether or not God truly is speaking to all people who claim this. It’ll be at least thought-provoking if not controversial or beneficial, if that’s okay. I was extremely mystified by the entire experience yet during the aftermath over the past 4 + months, after having to spoken with Christians, agnostics, and atheists, I now have another ‘take’ formed through others’ Objective and Subjective inputs.

      • Hi Ali et al: I forgot, to share what Remembrance Day means to me. It is remembering the sacrifice of all who died whether it be our soldiers, the enemy (many of whom had no choice as in Japan and Germany just to reference one War), civilians and also those who passed on non-related to Wars such as our parents, relatives, friends, acquaintances, etc. For all of us on this planet, physical death is inevitable yet we all leave behind some kind of legacy, which tomorrow is a time for reflecting on this.

        As for WW2 per se, I just asked a middle aged lady to join me for a ceremony and she said bluntly and frankly showing no emotions, “nope, I don’t do that for personal reasons” she wouldn’t divulge. I couldn’t help but think > where would we all be in the West today if not for the WW2 and WW1 generations standing up against Nazis, as just one example because apparently German submarines where off the coast of America and they almost had a missile that could reach America (I am from Canada BTW). It struck me that this divorced female is personalizing this important day to “all about herself” as she further said, “it is my personal choice not to take part”. What do you think about this Take wrt what I feel is the 3rd most important “day off” here?

        We have already taken Easter and made it become more about the Easter Bunny, turkey, and adult beverages on our “days off”; Christmas is about gifts-snow-tree-family-drinking-feasting-movies etc on those “days off” ; and now, we’ve take tomorrow into just another “day off” to do, our own thing? I believe that our ancestors beginning with WW2 (many of who have passed on), and heading backwards in time, would shake their heads wondering, what was it all for? They had farrrrrr more children which is a selfless sacrifice in-of-itself. So what does the foregoing sharings say about; firstly, many Baby Boomers’ hearts…since WE are the first generation to dismantle the real reason(s) for Easter, Christmas and Remembrance Day(s) by placing emphasis on technologies’ materialism? What do you feel/think Ali et others herein while reading my thoughts and feelings?

        Oh, my father and his father together, marched down to the recruiting station in the small town of Napanee, Ontario (where my Political-Business-Christian ancestors pioneered as UELs as of 1783), in 1944 to enlist. They both were not accepted because Dad became an only child having lost his brother at 8 1/2 years old, so the logic was, there would have been a good chance that both would perish at war (ie. D-Day)leaving my Grandmother without both sons and her husband. SEE how society (such as gender roles) have altered natural laws? Selfless male Heroism for example, more and more is thwarted by not being respected, while apathy and/or wishful thinking has become rampant.

        I will be at the ceremony tomorrow, well clothed since there’s a skiff of snow on the ground here in Alberta. And, as much as I really loved/love tactility (leaving the word “Sex” out of it as I am sick of hearing this word), an adult beverage (like Jesus did at times with vino and without indulging in “Drugs”), and “Rock and Roll” (without drugs and sexual connotations), as a Boomer THESE 3 components should not have been exulted and glorified as it was mus. In contrast musically speaking, tomorrow, we will sing “Oh God Our Help In Ages Past” plus other hymns my 3 brothers and I sang in a Men’s/Boy’s Choir (myself as a head chorister soloist who followed this up with Opera training at Queen’s University) and believe me, there is nothing more beautiful to the human sense of hearing than the Hymns and Anthems written so long ago by Christian composers like Handel, (ie. “I Was Glad” and “Zadock The Priest”) and Herbert Sumsion’s even song that when the tempo is slowed down as we did in a Cathedral Choir, that glorious swell to the highest notes, is an out-of-this-world shivering experience I FELT as a treble then Tenor.

        I have monopolized your blog enough today. Love, peace and reflections this Remembrance Day 2015.

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