DID YOU KNOW? God Wants to Meet You at His Tower.

Read: Exodus 23, Jeremiah 29

“See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and bring you to the place I have prepared for you” (Exodus 23:20)

One of my favorite runs to do while I lived in Singapore was called McRitchie Reservoir–one of the city’s most beautiful nature trails. I loved the watch tower where you could climb to the top for a bird’s eye view of the entire park. I always hesitated, pondering whether it was worth the climb up several stories of stairs. But every time, after a moment’s thought I eventually would decide to give it a go.

I was always so glad I did. What I found at the top of the watch tower was nothing I would have experienced from the ground. Not only was it quite and peaceful with a cool breeze, but I could see the entire lay-out of the trail. Parts of it were shaded, while others were out in the open, there were dips and climbs, rocky parts and smooth ones, curves and stretches of straight path.

As I was literally tracing each step of the trail from high up on the watch tower, God seemed to be telling me something through it. He wanted me to come to His watch tower to show me a similar bird’s eye view of my life. He had already gone before me and marked out a spiritual trail, which would be my path of life. However, just like the natural trail, there would be parts that would require an up-hill climb, and parts that were rocky, parts that were smooth and parts that were straight. Being a Christian didn’t mean I was exempt from the varied terrain of the nature trail of life on earth; it just meant I had God to hold my hand through it all.

Setting aside time with God each day was the same thing as climbing the stairs of that tower. It takes a little effort, but the reward is so worth it. It’s from that high place with Him that He wants to show us things that we can’t see with our own human eyes. Things that relate to His plans for our lives and future.

Today, He is inviting you to His watch tower for an extra special bird’s eye view. Will you make the climb?

Dear Lord, thank You that You have the trail of my life already marked out. Thank you that You desire to show me what’s ahead so I won’t be alarmed or harmed by anything that life brings. Please help me to value spending time with You so that You can show me these things. Give me the willingness and the strength to climb the stairs to Your watch tower, so I can enjoy the rewards Your presence brings. Amen.

*Take-Away Treasure: What’s keeping you from climbing the stairs to God’s watch tower? How can you make more time for God this week?


9 Comments on “DID YOU KNOW? God Wants to Meet You at His Tower.

  1. Hey, He told me a similar thing recently. TRANSITION = “Checking out new grounds to conquer as our inheritance with the LORD of Hosts.”

    The imagery is like Yehovah Saboath giving Jericho to Joshua (Joshua 5:13-6:5). Interestingly, the word “possess”(entering a land and possessing it as inheritance) appeared quite a number of times in Deuteronomy which reiterate the Exodus haha(cool stuff!)

    • Awesome Alex! May He BLESS you and hold you in His arms of GRACE during the hang time. It is not always easy, but SO worth it. 🙂


  2. Wow, That sounds like a beautiful place…It’s so easy to forget that He sees it all, even before we come to that bend in the road. I have recently begun making changes in my time to allow for more time with Him. It’s great! I want to get up and meet with Him. Thanks for your challenging words!

  3. I love this…isn’t it amazing that His invitation still stands even after all the times we hesitate to whisper, “Yes, I’ll come.” Great is His faithfulness and…the splendor of His presence is always worth it!

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