DID YOU KNOW? God Wants to Hold you in His Arms

Read Psalm 4

“In peace I will lay down and sleep, for you alone Lord, make me dwell in safety.” (Psalm 4:8)

The seat belt sign had just been turned off and people jumped out of their seats to get their baggage down from the overhead bins. People are always anxious to get off as fast as they can–myself included.

As I was embroiled in the hustle and bustle of eager travelers, I glanced over and saw a baby fast asleep on what must have been his father’s shoulders. The baby’s mouth was slightly open with a bit of drool oozing out of the corners. The baby looked so peaceful and comfortable, safe and secure in the loving arms of his parent, completely oblivious to what was going on around him.

I found myself longing to be that baby, even for a moment. Then I heard the Spirit whisper, “You are that baby and I am Your father holding you in My arms.” God was reminding me that no matter grown up or mature I was expected to act in the world, I would never cease to be His child, held and rocked to sleep in His arms. He is waiting to pick you up too and rock you to sleep in His peaceful arms today–will you let Him?

Dear Lord, thank You for the sweet reminder that I am never too old to be cuddled and rocked by You. Help me to discover the safe haven that Your loving presence brings. Continue to find new ways to remind me of Your sweet and tender love and help me to receive it as easily as a baby would. Amen.

*Take-away Treasure:How do you relate to God as Father? Ask Him to remove any barriers that keep you from enjoying His love with a childlike innocence.

5 Comments on “DID YOU KNOW? God Wants to Hold you in His Arms

  1. Ali! I love this blog and I love the way you write! It always makes me feel so encouraged and loved when I come hang out here! 🙂

  2. Hey Ali,
    Loved this. I think sometimes we overthink ourselves….we cling to maturity, when even God says come to Him with a childlike innocence. Thanks for the reminder 🙂


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