A Beautiful Prayer for the Single Ladies…

Sharing a beautiful prayer by a great woman, Ruth Bell–Billy Grahams wife. Be blessed sisters!

Dear God,

I pray, all unafraid, as girls are wont to be

I do not want a handsome man

But make him, Lord, like Thee.

I do not need one big and strong, nor yet so very tall,

nor need he be some genius or wealthy, Lord at all;

But let his head be high, dear God, and let his eye be clear,

His shoulders straight, whate’er his fate, whate’er his earthly sphere.

And let his face have character; a ruggedness of soul,

And let his whole life show, dear God, a singleness of goal.

And when he comes, as he will come, with quiet eyes aglow

I’ll know, dear Lord, that he’s the man I prayed for long ago.

2 Comments on “A Beautiful Prayer for the Single Ladies…

  1. beautiful prayer! Where did you find it? I had read an excerpt from it in a devotional book years ago and had looked for it. So thanks for finding the full version! 🙂

    May God continue to bless your writing ministry! 🙂

  2. I agree with Alexis – what a beautiful prayer! I shared it on my blog, and how it challenged me to think about who I am as a woman too, and my value and perception of myself {and what it is based on}. Thanks Ali! God bless you!

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