Deep Water Life Coaching

“A deep life is a good life.”

This has become one of my favorite quotes, which I came across in Cal Newport’s book, Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World. It is one of my favorites because I happen to agree wholeheartedly–a deep life is indeed a good life.

But how do we pursue depth in this increasingly surface world?

I believe it begins by understanding that as human beings (made in the image of God), we’ve been given a deep well within our very heart and soul that was designed to live and relate deeply to this world and the people in it. I love how the writer of the ancient Proverb put it:

“The purposes of a person’s heart are like deep water, but one who has insight draws them out.”

The purposes of each person’s heart are beautifully deep. That is a fact. But it takes a trusted friend or companion to help “draw out” the awareness and meaning of what is beneath the surface of these deep waters and then how to live forward and fully into that knowledge. That is where I come in as a coach.

It is my privilege at Deep Water Life Coaching to journey with my clients in plunging beneath the surface of their lives to explore the deeper waters within themselves, asking such questions like:

  • In what activities and relationships are you finding deeply meaningful in this season?
  • What are your most deeply held values?
  • What hopes or dreams are you holding or hiding deep in your heart?
  • What deeper side of your personality do you wish got out more?
  • What deep desires are feeling unfulfilled at the moment?

If any of these questions resonate within the deeper recesses of your heart, then I would love to work with you. Together, we will take a deep dive into your own well and draw out a better understanding of who you were uniquely created to be so that you can live into that with authenticity, integrity and joy.

Is a deep life really a good life? Come and find out. I would love to work with you!

How do you dive in?

Click on the Contact tab of this blog to send me an email. Or you can go directly to my scheduling page to set up a free 30-minute Discovery Call (via Skype, Zoom, Whats App or FaceTime) and I’ll answer any questions you may have about what life coaching is and how it works. If you decide you would like to go ahead and take the plunge into doing some deep work with me we’ll enter into a coaching agreement and will arrange a suitable time for our first coaching session. You’ll then receive a questionnaire to get things started and we’ll be on our way to support you in your journey of growing deeper and going farther into the life you are meant to live.


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