My Story


I started out my career as a broadcast journalist. I found that I really enjoyed interviewing people and asking them questions, but I always wanted to go “deeper” to get to the heart of the matter. This was around the same time that I re-committed my life to Christ and began to experience the empowering presence of God’s love in my life. What came with that was a strong desire, a “calling” really, to help others access and experience, as I had, the depth and intimacy of a living two-way relationship with God that is available to us all in Jesus Christ.

I eventually left the world of news broadcasting and entered the world of ministry. It is in this world where I get the awesome privilege of “going deep” with people and engaging the tougher, more existential questions of life: Who am I? Who is God? Why am I here? How am I called to live? What does it all mean? These are the universal questions all humans face and we all wrestle with from time to time. They are questions with answers that have ripple effects into all other areas of our lives. They are questions that matter. Coming alongside people to help them process, ponder and pray through these questions is where my passion meets my vocation.

In everything I do, be it writing, speaking, teaching, training, discipling or coaching, I seek to achieve the same purpose: to encourage people towards greater understanding of what it means to enter a dynamic divine partnership with the God of the universe (in Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit) in bringing about His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

I currently live in Manila, Philippines with my husband Noah, where he serves as a pastor of an international church. I currently oversee the healing prayer ministry at our church, recently completed my master’s degree in applied theology and am working towards my professional credential as a life coach. We have two precious and lively daughters, Kendal and Cora.


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