For better or for worse, I have always been a communicator. I’ll never forget my mom’s last words to me before she passed: “You articulate yourself so well, Ali. Don’t ever stop articulating yourself.” I cherish those words and desire to carry out my mom’s orders as long as I live on this earth. I love creating content that fits the group to which I am speaking. Be it a training seminar on prayer, a sermon for a chapel service, an inspirational talk for a women’s retreat or an interactive workshop on coaching principles–I love crafting a particular message for a particular people for a particular time. When I get the privilege of speaking, I feel I have found my “home” of where I am meant to be and serve.

Topics I Speak On

Christian Inspirational Talks/Sermons

  • The Secret to Jesus’ Power: Anointed with the Holy Spirit
  • Are You Hearing God’s Voice? Five Tips to Hearing God Speak Directly to You
  • Lessons from Jehoshaphat: Battle strategies for gaining victory over the enemies of our lives
  • Living with Peace in a Pressurized World
  • The Healing Ministry of Jesus Series
  • Entrusting the Key: Kingdom Principles for Single Living
  • Paradigm Shift: Breathing Life Back into the Process of Christian Dating
  • To Know Christ
  • How the Doctrine of Adoption Impacts the Practice of Intimacy with God
  • Living the Kingdom Life

Christian Apologetics Talks

  • If God Exists, Why are We Suffering?
  • Why Trust the Bible?
  • Does Prayer Change Things?


  • Daughters of the King: Adopted Appointed and Anointed (three-part message for women’s retreat)
  • Going Deep in a Surface World: Pursuing Depth in Lordship, Friendship and Mentorship (three-part message for women’s retreat)
  • Tips, Techniques and Template: A Brief Overview of Healing Prayer (three-part message for small group or church leaders)
  • Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (three-part message for small group or church leaders)
  • Emotionally Healthy Relationships (three-part message for small group or church leaders)
  • Various on Singleness and Dating (three-part messages for young adults


  • Hearing God’s Voice: Practicing the Art of Receiving What God is Revealing
  • Praying in Teams: A Practical Framework
  • Listen-Love-Pray: A Model for Praying With and For Others
  • Three Keys to Accessing God’s Power
  • Realizing the Missional Vision: Inviting Others Into Our Small Groups
  • What is Life Coaching?
  • A Coach Approach to Small Groups
  • Life Balance and the Wheel of Life
  • Becoming an Every Day Apologist
  • Discovering Your Gift as a Writer

I am not limited to these topics. If you have additional areas of interest, please do not hesitate to inquire.

Contact Me

If you are interested in having me speak to your group or event, please feel free to contact me by clicking on the Contact tab at the top of this site.

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