DEAR ALI: ‘How Do I Start a Relationship?’

Dear Ali, “This general lack of dating means many young adults don’t even know how to get a relationship started.” This quote was pulled from the same USA Today article I wrote about last week entitled, ‘Is Dating Dead?’, which made the case that traditional dating among young adults just isn’t happening as frequently as […]

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DEAR ALI: “What are some ‘RED FLAGS’ I should avoid?”

DEAR ALI, I just got out of a destructive relationship and am still facing the consequences of hurt, pain, distrust, abuse and more. I kept trying to be ‘forgiving’ when things would happen, hoping he would keep his promises to change, but he didn’t. I guess my question is, what are some of the ‘red […]

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DEAR ALI: ‘Why are so many godly women at my church staying single?’

Dear Ali, I am one of your male readers and really enjoyed your book! I also know a lot of people in my church who share similar ecclesiastical considerations as you. They trust God for a mate. They keep prayer journals. They try to engage in “joyful waiting.” But they remain single. Why is this […]

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