A Rusty Old Nail

I was about to exit the sanctuary after the Easter event was over when a woman came running up to me in a frenzy, “Don’t leave without your gift!” Then she handed it to me and scurried off to catch another woman who had apparently forgotten hers too. Since the mood for the women-only event […]

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DEAR ALI: ‘How can journaling take me deeper with God?’

Dear Ali, I showed my mom your book, and she browsed through it. She was so encouraged by your journaling. She said that reading your journal excerpts made her realize she could be honest and candid with God. Can you give some tips on journaling as a way of getting closer to God? Dear Reader, […]

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Papa, Do You Love Me?

 “Papa, do you love me?” These words jumped into my heart like a deer leaping over a fence. They were the words off a children’s book cover in a Boulder, Colorado book store about a young African boy pondering the love of his own father towards him. Oddly enough, it was the very same question […]

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