Sex: So Much More

In last week’s post, I referred to the movie No Strings Attached. Rather than addressing the content of the movie, I related the ‘No Strings Attached’ concept to our relationship with God. As the week went on, my heart was stirring and I couldn’t figure out why. Then I remembered how I felt when I […]

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What is Love?

“Love is when someone makes me smile when I’m tired.” “Love is when mom takes a sip of dad’s coffee before giving it to him to make sure it tastes just right.” “Love is walking the dog when it’s below zero outside.” There are so many ways to define love. So many ways of expressing […]

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DEAR ALI: Roses Are Red…I am Blue

Dear Ali, It’s almost Valentines Day and it’s another year of being single for me. I try not to make it a big deal but I can’t help but feel a little blue when this day rolls around. Any tips on how not to feel so alone? Dear Reader, Thank you for your honest question. […]

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