Pondering the Presence of the Lord

As I plow my way through the Book of Leviticus this month, I must admit, most of it is having to will myself to keep going. I mean, lets be honest, the details of how a guilt offering or a sin offering or a grain offering or a fellowship offering should take place and what […]

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The Cure for a Spiritually Dry Heart

My husband gave me a¬†little silver stone-studded cross before we were engaged. It was a “promise necklace” symbolizing the love and commitment from the man I would soon marry. I loved it and treasured its beauty around my neck each day…until one evening I went to take it off and it was gone! The necklace […]

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How to Pray and Get Results

Prayer is kind of a funny thing isn’t it? I mean, think about it. You are basically uttering your inner most private thoughts to some mysteriously unseen Divine Being. But somehow there is power in this centuries old practice. There is something oddly comforting and consoling to the human soul in believing that there is […]

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