DEAR ALI: “Where have all the ‘good guys’ gone?”

Dear Ali, I’ve been reading your blog and you have such great advice. I have a few questions I was wondering if you could help me with. What’s a girl to do when she lives in an area without many guys? Move? I’m not really into the online thing but would like to find a […]

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Fixed Plan or Free Will?

It was just days after I had just made a huge decision regarding my career path. I made the decision based on what I had perceived to be God’s leading. Then a friend through me for a loop when he said, “Well Ali, don’t worry about it…God would have blessed your decision either way.” Now […]

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Two Parallel Lines: A Story of God’s Faithfulness

This week’s post comes from a dear friend and sister of mine, Katie Macy. She shares her story of how seeing two little parallel lines added up to be a beautiful story of God’s faithfulness and a story in which God further refined her through surrender. If you are trusting God for provision of some […]

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